Silver Creek Landscaping

Want gorgeous, green grass, but donít have the time to wait?

If you think shelling out top dollar for sod is the only way to get a lush lawn fast, think again!

Pre-Germination is a specialized process that yields grass growth in a fraction of the time of ordinary seeding—and at a fraction of the cost of laying sod. It’s a great option for homebuilders and homeowners who want to increase the curb appeal of their property on a tight schedule.

With pre-Germination, you’ll see grass beginning to sprout in just 3 days, and your lawn will be ready for its first mowing within two weeks.

Here’s how it works:

1) Soil Analysis and Site Preparation
We begin with a careful examination of your site and soil conditions. If soil amendments are needed, we fertilize and add nutrients as required. Based on our site analysis, we choose the appropriate seed for your property. Then we clear, grade, and ready your soil for planting.

2) Seed Pre-Germination
To give your lawn the head-start advantage, we begin with pre-germinated seeds. We combine them with fertilizers and nutrient-rich hydro-mulch to create a planting mix. The particular “recipe” is determined by your site’s unique conditions.

3) Hydroseeding Application
Using specialized equipment designed for this process, we apply the seed mix to your site. Our off-road units can go just about anywhere, any time. We also have large capacity on-road units for seeding sports fields, golf courses, and parks. Whatever the requirements of your site, we have the equipment to handle it!

At Silver Creek’s Hydroseeding Division, we use only the best equipment and the finest fibers. You’ll be impressed with the results! Call us today for a consultation.